The head of the security company whose guards helped seed Melbourne’s second wave of COVID-19 says infection control was so bad in hotel quarantine that it would have made no difference if the police or army had been in charge.

The boss of Unified Security, which provided the bulk of security guards across 13 Melbourne hotels, said the state government was trying to deflect blame for the failures of a program that allowed the virus to break out of quarantine.

“The clear evidence from the hotel quarantine inquiry is that the primary cause of the outbreak was the appalling lack of infection-control protocols in the hotels and the confused and ineffective governance structure that meant no one knew who was in charge,” David Millward told The Age.

Police and Australian Defence Force personnel, Mr Millward said, would have been just as vulnerable as security guards if they had been employed in the program that was set up and overseen by Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services.



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