Los Angeles County recorded its 300,000th coronavirus case and its 7,000th COVID-19 death on Monday. For perspective, L.A. County had more than 100,000 cases than the county with the second-largest number of infected residents, Miami-Dade. For further perspective, that means L.A. has 3.4% of the country’s cases.

Los Angeles County reported 861 new coronavirus cases on Monday. That pushed the county’s cumulative total over the 300,000 mark to 300,614. There are 767 people currently hospitalized due to the virus.

It took the region about 5 months to reach 100,000 infections. With the summer surge, it was a little over a month before L.A. had suffered 200,000 cases. It was about another 2 1/2 months to 300,000 cases. But infections are on the rise again.

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