There are 67 cases on Oahu, 14 on the Big Island and one on Kauai. The DOH reports as the result of updated information, one case from Honolulu was removed from the counts.

That brings the state total to 14,031.

There were four new cases that needed hospitalization. There were 49 new recoveries reported, totaling 11,044 who have been released from isolation. There are currently 2,800 active cases in Hawaii.

A total of 477,316 tests have been performed and results received for the state.

Here is an in-depth breakdown:

  • Hawaii County: 1,052 (14)
  • Honolulu: 12,465 (67)
  • Kauai: 61 (1)
  • Maui: 411
  • Pending/Unknown: 0
  • HI Residents Diagnosed outside of HI: 42
  • Required Hospitalization: 1,005 (4)
  • Deaths: 187 (1)
  • Released from isolation: 11,044 (49)



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