NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Covid-19 took its best shot at Edison Chiluisa in May, sending him to intensive care, but the disease is still not done with him. For the past four months, long after his release from the hospital, Chiluisa has been racked by lingering ailments: Paralyzing fatigue. Shortness of breath. A stutter he never had before.

“The disease, it wears on you — body, mind and spirit,” Chiluisa, a 51-year-old hospital worker, said recently. “You can be fine all day, and then all of a sudden, your body just shuts down. No explanation. No reason. It just shuts down.”

But unlike some “long-haulers” in the early part of the pandemic, who struggled to persuade anyone that symptoms of covid-19 could last for months, Chiluisa is being attended by a team of specialists. Long-haulers “are in every country, in every language,” said Igor J. Koralnik, who started a program for covid-19 neurocognitive problems at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, one of numerous post-covid-19 clinics opening around the country. “It’s going to be a big problem. It’s not going to go away.”

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