Biden said Thursday that he expected to be at the presidential debate on Oct. 22, even after Trump pulled out of the one that had been scheduled for this week.

“Look, I’m going to abide by what the [Commission on Presidential Debates] rules call for,” Biden said at his town hall after moderator George Stephanopoulos asked whether he would demand that Trump test negative. Earlier Thursday evening, at his own town hall, Trump would not say whether he was tested for the coronavirus on the day of the first debate.

After Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, the presidential debates commission changed the format of what would have been the second debate to a virtual one. Trump refused to participate unless it was in person, so the debate was scrapped. Instead, both candidates held competing town halls on different television networks on Thursday night.

Biden said that getting tested was about “decency.”

“It’s just decency to be able to determine whether or not you’re clear,” Biden said. “I’m less concerned about me, but the people — the guys [with] the cameras, the Secret Service guys you drive up with, all those people.”

He said he thought Trump would get tested before the next debate and said he was “confident” that the Cleveland Clinic would ensure adherence to its health and safety guidelines. In the first debate, many of Trump’s debate guests refused to wear masks inside the venue, flouting the clinic’s rules.

“I think they’re going to not let happen what happened last time,” Biden said. “They’re going to demand that it’s safe.”

The Washington Post


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