Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine reported a record number of new coronavirus cases for a second day in a row during a news conference on Thursday.

A record 2,039 new coronavirus cases were reported on Wednesday.

“Today we are reporting another record 2,178 new coronavirus cases,” DeWine said. “This is in stark contrast to not too long ago. Sept. 20, a month ago, we had 762 cases.”

The governor also reported a sharp rise in hospitalizations.

“Yesterday we had 1,042 hospitalizations, so it basically doubled in a short period of time,” he said.

More data: Ohio currently has a 5.4% positivity rate, DeWine said.

“The percentage of tests coming back positive has doubled,” DeWine said. “We would expect to see some more cases but we have to look at is positivity, we would instead of that we’re seeing a very, very significant increase.”

On Thursday, 13 Ohio counties were added as “high incidence counties,” bringing the total number of high incidence counties to 52, according to the governor. DeWine stressed that now 63% of the population is now living in high incidence, high level spread counties where there are more than 100 cases per 100,000 residents. Ten million Ohioans currently live in a community with high risk transmission, DeWine said.

“There is a red tide flowing all over the state of Ohio and virtually everyone in Ohio is living in a high incidence, high rate of spread area,” DeWine said.

The governor said there were no plans to implement another lockdown and stressed that Ohioans should follow the Covid-19 guidelines such as wearing masks, washing hands, and avoiding large gatherings.

There is currently an order in place to limit indoor gatherings, but not any gatherings at private homes. 

Source: CNN


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