Triumphant on his second day back on the campaign trail since contracting the novel coronavirus, Trump polled his rally crowd Tuesday on how many had also had the virus and then celebrated a supposed immunity, even though that’s not guaranteed.

“Who has had it here? Who’s had it?” Trump asked, as some in the Pennsylvania rally crowd shouted. “I know a lot of people, a lot of people. We are the people I want to say hello to, because you are right now immune. You’re right now immune.”

Reinfection is believed to be rare, but there’s still a lot unknown about immunity and how long it lasts.

Because of his immunity, Trump reasoned he could kiss everyone in the crowd, a recycled line from the previous night’s rally.

“I’d start kissing everybody. I’ll kiss every guy, man and woman, man, woman. Look at that guy. How handsome he is. I’ll kiss him, not with a lot of enjoyment, but that’s okay,” Trump said.

Trump also defended his controversial behavior during the months-long pandemic, during which he has continued to hold large political rallies and White House events with crowds. He and many of his closest aides all contracted the virus two or so weeks ago.

“I got to get out and have to meet people and I have to see people,” Trump said. “And I know it’s risky to do that, but you have to do what you have to do.”

The Washington Post


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