Across in mainland China, the first locally transmitted covid-19 infections in nearly two months have been reported, as Qingdao launched a city-wide testing drive after discovering new cases linked to a hospital designated to treat imported infections, via Reuters.

The National Health Commission said in a statement that a total of 13 covid-19 infections were reported in mainland China on 12 October, down from 21 a day earlier. Seven of the new cases were imported infections that originated from overseas, while all six local cases were reported in the eastern province of Shandong, where Qingdao is located.

The last time China reported local covid-19 transmissions was on 15 August, when a total of four confirmed cases were reported in Xinjiang. The total number of covid-19 infections for mainland China now stands at 85,591, while the death toll remained unchanged at 4,634.



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