As the Colorado Senate race heats up, candidates John Hickenlooper (D), and Sen. Cory Gardner (R) found common ground in the thus far contentious fight for the Senate seat.

The pair met for the third of four previously scheduled debates, and for the first debate that broadcast live across the state, Friday.

The 90-minute fiery interaction was largely used by Gardner as an opportunity to attack Hickenlooper to highlight the candidates’ stark differences.

But the two found common ground on the issue of the coronavirus, and agreed that relief was needed. They also both dismissed the establishment of a national mask mandate. The consensus stopped there as far as U.S. policy.

Hickenlooper condemned Gardner’s support of President Trump, while Gardner dodged questions about whether or not he agreed with how the president has handled the pandemic.

“President Trump, from the very beginning, his negligence in identifying the real challenge and the risk of COVID-19 and then the incompetence of the response once they finally owned up to it — that has made our consequences more severe than any industrialized — or pretty much any industrialized — country in the world,” Hickenlooper said. “Our economy is upside down and we still can’t get additional relief.”

Gardner pushed back and criticized Hickenlooper for his condemnation of the GOP-led coronavirus relief package in September. Democrats have argued it did not do enough to alleviate or address economic grievances caused by the  pandemic.

“He believes it’s more important to play politics than providing relief for the people of this state,” Gardner said. “[T]he relief that the American people need was on the floor with more coming just a few weeks ago.”

Hickenlooper is not in any office, so he did not have any deciding authority on the matter.

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