White House communications director Alyssa Farah said that today’s event at the White House, the first public event for President Trump since his coronavirus diagnosis, will be brief and comply with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We’re making sure we’re taking precautions so that those in attendance are screened before they come in. The President’s at a great distance, he’s gonna be up on the balcony and very briefly address the supporters there,” Farah told reporters at the White House on Saturday.

She did not elaborate as to what type of screening those who attend the event would be subject to.

A source with knowledge of the planning says attendees must bring masks and will be subject to temperature checks.

More details: Farah also said that once Trump is cleared by the doctors he will resume campaigning. Trump’s campaign has already announced a rally in Florida for Monday night, but the White House has not yet said if Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus since his infection.

There was no update on the President’s health from his doctor Sean Conley on Friday. Farah said the White House will make it public knowledge when Trump does get cleared to travel.

Farah also said that the President wants to participate in another debate with Joe Biden despite next weeks debate getting canceled.

“The President is eager to get in front of the American people side to side with Joe Biden and make the case for his record and how it just stacks up much better for the American people so we’re gonna look for another opportunity to do that,” Farah said in an interview on Fox this morning.

“We’re gonna push to do something and whether it’s through the debate commission or other avenues, you can rest assured the American people will hear from Donald Trump,” she added.



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