Health officials in Lille, northern France, are urging local hospitals to start cancelling surgeries, fearing a bottleneck in intensive care affecting the elderly after a rise in new Covid cases.

The city is showing high rates of the virus, with an incidence rate of 308 for every 100,000 inhabitants, data shows.

Among people over 65 years of age, the incidence rate is 273 for every 100,000 people. The positivity rate for coronavirus tests is 15% among that age group, while the regional average of the general population is 10.40%, according to the region’s health authority.

Bars in Lille will be closed from Saturday for at least two weeks. France recorded 20,339 new cases of the virus on Friday, the highest daily total since the outbreak began.

The positivity rate for the country stands at 10.4%. It was only 5.4% just three weeks ago.

Source: CNN


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