President Trump has signed off on a roughly $1.8 trillion stimulus offer to be presented to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to two people with knowledge of the decision.

The offer would mark the highest topline dollar figure the administration has put on the table to this point — up from $1.6 trillion earlier this week.

The number remains below the $2.2 trillion in the bill passed last week by House Democrats — and Pelosi has been unwilling to go below $2 trillion in negotiations up to this point, people familiar with the matter say.

And the details in the offer remain as important — if not more so — than the offer itself. The specifics are not currently known, though they are expected to be presented to Pelosi today.

Pelosi has said repeatedly that the actual legislative language — and where that language directs the funds — has become the most critical aspect of any agreement.

Trump’s willingness to “go big,” as he framed it on Twitter Friday, runs risks inside his own party. Republicans in both chambers have voiced concern over any price tag above $1 trillion. And many are opposed to any new aid at all.



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