Gilead Sciences Chief Executive Daniel O’Day told CNBC the company will have enough global supply of its coronavirus treatment remdesivir by the end of the month.

O’Day also touted the peer-reviewed results of a study looking at the antiviral’s effect on hospitalized Covid-19 patients, which showed improved recovery times by five days on average. Additionally, remdesivir was shown to have a significant reduction in death among patients who were in early stages of receiving supplemental oxygen. 

“These results are meaningful. They’ll definitely help patients around the world who have the misfortune of entering into the hospital to get better, and I’m really pleased to say that we have ample supply,” O’Day said on “Squawk Box.” 

Remdesivir, as an antiviral, attempts to reduce the virus from replicating in one’s body. That is why the benefits of receiving the drug were most pronounced in patients who were early in their hospital stay, O’Day said. 

“The earlier you treat, the better in the hospital and you can prevent people from ever even going onto those stages of the disease where the risk of dying is very high,” he said.



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