Brussels Airport is accelerating preparations to be ready to receive and ship the first Covid-19 vaccines, once one is approved for distribution, the airport said in a statement Wednesday.  

A taskforce at the cargo division of the airport, is working “full force on preparing scenarios” for the import and export of the various types of vaccines in a “safe and efficient way,” the statement said.

The task force is running through “all scenarios for the various types of vaccines in close consultation with the pharmaceutical companies with which Brussels Airport works. Each type of vaccine demands a different form of transport, packaging and storage.

Some vaccines, for example, have to be shipped on dry ice, while others will demand refrigeration at the customary 2-8 degrees Celsius,” the statement said.

Some context: Brussels Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe, handling about 26,4 million passengers and 667,220 tonnes of freight annually, it says on its website.

Source: CNN

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