The US Food and Drug Administration told CNN Thursday morning that the agency doesn’t have any comments on the applications for Emergency Use Authorizations for Eli Lilly and Regeneron antibody treatments.

“Per policy, we cannot confirm, deny or comment on product applications,” FDA spokesperson Chanapa Tantibanchachai told CNN via email.

Both Eli Lilly and Regeneron have already submitted requests to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization for their single monoclonal antibody therapies.

This comes after President Trump said on Fox Business Thursday morning that both Eli Lilly and Regeneron will both get EUAs.

“Regeneron, I view it as a cure, not just a therapeutic…and Eli Lilly has a great drug,” Trump said. “Very much along the lines of Regeneron. It’s great, and what I’m doing is I’m going to supply this drug.”

Source: CNN


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