People arriving in the UK from abroad may soon be able to end their 14-day self-isolation early, as part of plans to be considered by a new taskforce.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the taskforce will look at introducing a Covid-19 testing system for travellers to the UK.

People would have to pay for their own tests to avoid impacting NHS capacity.

Airline and airport bosses reiterated calls to replace quarantine altogether, with a comprehensive testing system.

The aviation industry has struggled with the drop in passenger numbers since the start of the UK’s epidemic, with industry figures repeatedly lobbying for testing at ports and airports – something ministers have rejected.

Anyone arriving to the UK from abroad must currently self-isolate for two weeks, unless they have come from an exempt destination.

The plans to be considered by the Global Travel Taskforce include giving travellers the option of paying for a coronavirus test a few days after they arrive.

A negative result would mean people could end their quarantine period early.

The taskforce will also consider whether people could self-isolate before travelling abroad, instead of upon arrival.

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