Rejecting rest and recuperation, Trump aims to show he’s in charge

President Trump after leaving Walter Reed on Monday.Credit...Doug Mills/The New York Times

Most people returning home from a stay in the hospital — especially people struggling with Covid-19 — use the time to rest and recuperate. But on Wednesday morning, President Trump made it clear, in an extraordinary burst of Twitter posts, frenetic by even his own standards, that he plans to do no such thing.

Mr. Trump, who complained of feeling cooped up during his hospital stay over the weekend, posted at least 50 tweets and retweets from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Eastern, launching attacks on former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.; former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; Senator Kamala Harris; former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama; Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Senator Bernie Sanders; and the journalist Lester Holt — on topics ranging from his unsubstantiated claim that Mr. Obama ordered intelligence agencies to spy on Mr. Trump’s campaign in 2016 to predictions that he will win deep-blue California.

He reposted videos of riots, and one of Mrs. Obama that had been altered to include a backdrop of a flaming city street, and repeated his baseless claim that the “DEMOCRAT RUN BALLOT SYSTEM IS CORRUPT,” part of his continuing effort to call into question the integrity of mail-in balloting.

On Wednesday, he even suggested that Mr. Biden, his Democratic rival, “SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO RUN.”

All of it came after an earlier blur of posts on Tuesday that included attacks on his political adversaries, major policy pronouncements and assurances to his followers that he was “FEELING GREAT!”

From the moment Mr. Trump decided to leave Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he has done everything he could to show that he is as active and engaged a president — and presidential candidate — as he was before the diagnosis. He said that he wanted to proceed with his debate with Mr. Biden, scheduled for Oct. 15 in Miami, and that he was ready to return to the campaign trail.

He appears to be already discussing it: On Wednesday afternoon, when Mr. Trump returned to the Oval Office, his advisers were exploring the idea of resuming travel events for Mr. Trump as soon as next week.

The president’s doctors said that they would know by Monday if Mr. Trump has gone through the worst of the disease, or if this was just a lull, which would not be unusual for the course of Covid-19.

But his eagerness to put his bout with the virus behind him and resume business as usual is understandable: With the election less than a month away, polls on Tuesday and Wednesday showed Mr. Trump trailing.



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