Popular actress Suzu Hirose has been infected with the novel coronavirus without experiencing any symptoms so far, her agency said Tuesday.

Hirose, 22, tested positive for the coronavirus Tuesday after taking a PCR test along with fellow actors who have been involved in recent filming, the agency said on its official website.

She has not complained of any abnormalities in her health, it added.

“We feel sorry to have caused anxiety among relevant workers, co-stars and fans,” the agency said in a statement, adding that it will follow instructions from health authorities and take preventive measures to ensure safety for the agency’s other clients, as well as its staff members.

A native of Shizuoka Prefecture, Hirose has appeared in a number of movies and TV dramas, including the two-part film “Chihayafuru” based on a comic book featuring a girl who aims to become the top player of a traditional Japanese card game.



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