Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi, 84, has recovered from covid-19


    Former Italian prime minister and media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi has recovered from his case of covid-19, Reuters reported Wednesday.

    The 84-year-old had spent more than 10 days in a Milan hospital after developing pneumonia alongside his coronavirus infection. He was released in mid-September and continued to recover at home. He has now tested negative for the virus causing the disease, according to Reuters.

    “It has been the most dangerous test of my life,” Berlusconi told reporters after his hospital discharge last month, adding that he “dodged a bullet once again.”

    Since falling sick, Berlusconi has urged people to take the virus and precautions around it seriously. It is suspected that he caught it while vacationing in Sardinia.

    Berlusconi is 10 years older than President Trump, who last week revealed that he had contracted the virus. While both men are considered high-risk because they are over 65, they also have had access to leading medical care as wealthy businessmen and prominent public figures.

    The Washington Post


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