The World Health Organization’s Europe director has called for action against Covid-19 “fatigue,” warning that apathy concerning the virus has reached high levels in some cases.

“Based on aggregated survey data from countries across the Region, we can see, not surprisingly, that fatigue among those surveyed is increasing,” Hans Kluge said in a statement Tuesday.“Although fatigue is measured in different ways, and levels vary per country, it is now estimated to have reached over 60% in some cases,” Kluge added.

Kluge said that “these levels of fatigue are to be expected” during such a protracted public health emergency, where citizens have made “huge sacrifices.”

“Although we are all weary, I believe it is possible to reinvigorate and revive efforts to tackle the evolving COVID-19 challenges that we face,” he said.

Europe can take action: Kluge said European countries can reverse this trend and tackle the spread of Covid-19 by taking “the pulse of the community regularly” and “meeting the needs of citizens in new, innovative ways.”

“From understanding the behavioral needs of young people returning to university, to the emotional toll isolation has taken in elderly care homes, policy must be driven by the growing body of evidence we have on people’s behaviours and on fatigue.”

Source : CNN


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