Much of the Northeast is expected to see coronavirus infection rates rise in the next four weeks, according to new weekly projections from PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Cases are forecast to more than double in Boston in the next month if social distancing and other conditions stay as they are, PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) said in a statement.

In New York City, the forecast is worse for all five boroughs for the first time since spring, according to PolicyLab at CHOP.

Hospitalizations are on the rise in the Midwest and Northeast. Hospitalizations doubled in Wisconsin over the last month and have increased nearly 50% in Massachusetts since mid-September, the group said.

Meanwhile, Oregon is showing to be among “the most concerning” spots in the U.S., due to “explosive growth in case counts and quickly rising testing positivity rates that have more than doubled in some areas,” PolicyLab at CHOP said.

ABC News


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