Only about half of Americans said they would try to get a Covid-19 vaccine once one is available, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, and that percentage appears to have dropped since May.

If a Covid-19 vaccine were widely available at a low cost, 51% of respondents in the survey said they would try to get vaccinated, 45% said they would not try and 4% had no opinion, according to poll findings released on Monday.

Those responses to the poll came from last week, between October 1 and 4.

Health experts have warned that if enough people choose not to get a Covid-19 vaccine, it may keep the US from herd immunity against the coronavirus.

The percentage of respondents in the poll who would try to get vaccinated appears to have fallen when compared with results in CNN polls from previous months. In May, 66% said they would try to get a Covid-19 vaccine, and in August, 56% said they would try. At 51%, the October results showed the smallest share so far in CNN polling to say they would try to get the vaccine.

The percentage of respondents who would not try to get a vaccine appears to have slightly increased compared with the previous months — it was 33% in May and 40% in August.

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