Craig A. Spencer doesn’t usually dwell on the time in October 2014 when Donald Trump lashed out at the New York doctor, who had just returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea, for patronizing businesses and riding the subway before feeling symptomatic and being diagnosed with the illness.

“I consider that doctor extremely selfish,” the real estate mogul said to “Fox & Friends” at the time.

But on a day in which President Trump returned to the White House and removed his mask in public despite still being contagious with the novel coronavirus, Spencer couldn’t let Monday pass without referencing an old Trump tweet directed at him.

“I followed all public health guidance and infected no one,” Spencer, who recuperated from Ebola without spreading it, tweeted late Monday. “You’ve unnecessarily exposed numerous people over the last few days, your administration is refusing to do contact tracing, and there’s an outbreak in the White House because of your dangerous disregard of public health.”

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