All public, private, charter, and religious schools and educational facilities in two areas in Orange County, New York, will be immediately closed for at least two weeks, according to a Monday order from the Orange County Commissioner of Health.

The order states that the village of Kiryas Joel and the town of Palm Tree reported a three-day average Covid-19 positivity rate of 27.6% and that all schools will not be allowed to resume without clearance from the county health department. 

County officials said that the schools will continue to be closed until the the area’s seven-day rolling average positivity rate is below 9% and no transportation would be provided to students residing in those locations to schools or services in other communities. 

Schools that provide in-person group special education or pre-school will also be closed for the same amount of time, the order states.

Orange County currently has 12,493 Covid-19 cases, with an overall county positivity rate of 7.4%, according to New York state data



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