New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio added another zip code to the city’s “watchlist,” which is a compilation of zip codes that are on the radar but have not met the criteria of being above 3% positivity for 7 days.

The city’s hot spot points, tier 1, remains at 9 zip codes.

Tier 2 has an added zip code, 11206, bringing the “watchlist” total to 13. This list of zip codes would not face the same restrictions as the nine that have been a priority for the city to address.

Earlier this week, the mayor called for indoor dining, gyms, and pools to be halted in these areas, as part of his proposal to the state.

De Blasio called this time a “crucial” moment in the city’s effort to contain Covid-19 in hot spot communities.

“We have to get ahead of this,” he said.

“We have to be tough about it” he said adding the “tough restrictions” are nothing the city wants, but effectively what it needs.



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