Vice President Mike Pence joined an all-staff conference call with campaign officials a few moments ago, in an attempt to project optimism as President Trump remains hospitalized. 

Pence said he had spoken to Trump “a couple of times since his diagnosis,” but did not say specifically if he had talked to him today. 

“I know I speak on behalf of the President today when I tell you how grateful we are,” Pence said. “President Trump, after he gets the right treatment and gets back on his feet, I can promise you we are going to continue to carry that message that we are going to Make America Great Again again.” 

Pence made it clear that he intends to remain on the campaign trail over the next 30 days in what they’re calling “Operation MAGA.”

Sources have told CNN that campaign officials have struggled to determine what steps they should take given both their candidate and campaign manager have tested positive for coronavirus. 

They held several internal calls today and CNN was provided access to this one by a source. 

“See you out on the campaign trail,” Pence said as he wrapped up. 

Source: CNN


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