The Maryland Republican Party called on supporters to go to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday morning to show solidarity with Trump as he undergoes treatment for covid-19.

In a mass email, Trump campaign adviser David Bossie and state party Chairman Dirk Haire said they were “calling Maryland Republicans to support our President while he rests and recovers, and are coordinating anyone who wants to stand with the President.”

“We need our best supporters to make a showing; this is our moment, our time to show the country what Maryland Republicans can do,” they said in the email, which went out just after 9:30 a.m. “Pick up your friends, pick up your family, and head to Walter Reed Hospital now.”

The subject line read: “ALL HANDS ON DECK!”

Trump was flown to the hospital in Bethesda, Md., Friday evening after testing positive for the virus and experiencing covid-19 symptoms.

After he arrived, more than a dozen people gathered outside the hospital entrance, some of them carrying American flags and “Trump 2020” signs. One person could be seen holding a white sign reading “science matters.” They appeared to have cleared out by later in the night.

A small group of supporters was present early Saturday, standing in front of a line of yellow caution tape along the hospital’s front gates.

Representatives from Walter Reed and the Maryland GOP didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment Saturday morning.

The Washington Post


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