A Biden campaign official said the Democratic nominee intends to move forward with in-person campaigning despite President Trump, and several individuals in his orbit, contracting coronavirus. 

Campaign aides believe they’ve developed an effective recipe over the past few months for campaigning safely — including mask wearing, social distancing and smaller events — and intend to continue with those practices.

Biden and his wife Jill are scheduled to travel to South Florida on Monday. On Thursday, Biden will visit Arizona, his first visit to the battleground state, with his running mate Kamala Harris.

Yesterday: Biden traveled as scheduled to Grand Rapids, Michigan, after receiving a negative result to his coronavirus test. He went forward with his planned remarks on the economy but he did pull down an in-person organizing event with the Kent County Democrats.

A campaign official said the recent developments regarding coronavirus reinforces why it’s a central issue in this campaign.

“It’s about who do Americans trust to get the virus under control and to protect them and how to get the country back to work,” the official said. 

The official reiterated that if Biden were to ever test positive for coronavirus, the campaign would make that information public.



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