All four House Members who flew on Air Force One with President Trump this week tested negative for coronavirus on Friday. 

Here’s who was on the plane:

  • Pete Stauber of Minnesota
  • Jim Hagedorn of Minnesota 
  • Tom Emmer of Minnesota
  • Jim Jordan of Ohio

Some background: Administration officials said Friday that Hicks began displaying symptoms on the flight back from the President’s Wednesday rally in Minnesota and was isolated in a separate cabin.

Hicks was seen deplaning Air Force One from a rear set of steps not typically used by the President.

“Social distancing is much easier on Air Force One than any commercial airliner,” said professor Yan Chen of Purdue University, a researcher who studies the airborne spread of coronavirus inside an airliner.

Chen said most passengers do not sit in cramped rows on board the multi-room, highly modified jet, “but complete isolation is very difficult.”

Source: CNN


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