The Minnesota Department of Health is advising those who attended Trump’s campaign rally in Duluth on Wednesday to consider getting tested for the coronavirus, even if they do not have symptoms, in the wake of news that Trump and the first lady have tested positive.

“There is a potential risk that transmission occurred at the Duluth rally and other events associated with President Trump’s visit,” the Health Department said in a statement Friday. “Community transmission of COVID-19 was high in St. Louis County prior to this week’s rally, and people attending the rally may have been infectious without realizing it.”

The department recommended the following to anyone who attended events associated with Trump’s visit:

  • “Anyone who attended events associated with the President’s visit and who now has symptoms should get tested right away. People should consider getting tested even if they do not have symptoms because some people may not develop or recognize symptoms and people can spread the virus even without displaying symptoms. People should get tested five to seven days after the event. If they test negative, they should get tested again around 12 days after the event. People should get tested in their home communities and seek testing from their health care provider when possible.”
  • “Anyone who was a direct contact of President Trump or known COVID-19 cases needs to quarantine and should get tested. It is important to understand that quarantine for 14 days is necessary regardless of test results.”
  • “Anyone who attended any large group gathering, especially one with limited social distancing and/or masking, should be alert to potential symptoms of COVID-19 infection, and limit social interactions for 14 days. This is true even if they feel no symptoms of illness.”

More information on testing for Minnesota residents is available on the Health Department’s website.

“Our thoughts are with President Trump, the First Lady and others as they deal with COVID-19 infections,” the department stated. “We wish them a speedy and full recovery.”

The Washington Post


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