The White House coronavirus task force continues to issue recommendations to states via weekly reports, this week again strongly recommending mask usage in some states that still do not have statewide mask mandates.

The task force told Georgia that “mitigation efforts must continue including mask wearing,” called on Iowa to “Institute mask requirements statewide,” and suggested Wyoming require “face coverings in indoor, public, and commercial spaces in all red, orange, and yellow zone counties.” 

College towns in Colorado and Maryland were encouraged to more strictly limit bar and restaurant alcohol sales and indoor dining beyond their state’s respective guidelines. The task force warned that reopening the University of Wyoming was “ill-advised” amid local outbreaks. Hot spots in Idaho were encouraged to consider moving to online schooling, despite the administration’s overall push to reopen schools.

And in Wisconsin the task force warned of “rapid worsening” of cases and recommended increased social distancing “to the maximal degree possible.”

Reports for many states recommended “on-site inspection of infection control practices” in both correctional facilities and nursing homes.

CNN has reached out to all 50 states for a copy of each state’s Sept. 27 report and has received responses from 16 states as of Wednesday afternoon. 

Source : CNN


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