Nine out of 10 patients who tested positive for the coronavirus reported at least one side effect of the disease following their recovery, according to a new online study of more than 900 people by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency.

Researchers say more than 90 percent of patients reported side effects frequently associated with the disease, including loss of taste and smell, fatigue and psychological issues.

Fatigue was the most common reported side effect, with more than 26 percent of patients experiencing extreme tiredness, followed by difficulty in concentration, according to researchers behind the survey.

In Britain, thousands of patients have reported long-term effects of the illness, often referred to as “long covid,” which can affect people for weeks after they have had symptoms of the infection — even if they have not tested positive.

An estimated 300,000 people in Britain have reported symptoms lasting more than a month, and 60,000 people reported symptoms for more than three months, according to the Covid Symptom Study app.

Earlier this month, the British Medical Journal hosted a webinar that focused on “long covid.” Public health professor Nisreen Alwan noted that many people reported a decline in their health following their recovery, often experiencing breathlessness, muscle and body aches, and spiking fevers.

“A very common feature is the relapsing, remitting nature of the illness, where you feel as though you’ve recovered, then it hits you back,” she said. She called the longer-range effects of the disease a “constant cycle of disappointment.”

The Washington Post


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