New York state is making 200 rapid testing machines immediately available Monday to the top zip codes with the highest percentage positivity for Covid-19, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

The public and private schools in those zip codes are strongly encouraged to request a rapid testing machine, which can do four tests per hour, and start testing students.

“Local government should focus on those cluster zip codes in terms of mask enforcement and compliance enforcement in addition to testing. Testing, mask compliance social distancing requirements, those zip codes, bars, restaurants, masks, and additional testing,” he said. 

“The key with these clusters is to jump on them quickly, attack them from all sides, get the testing so you can do contact tracing and you can isolate, get mask compliance up, hand sanitizer, and gathering compliance bars restaurants, et cetera,” he said. 

The state will contact local government and schools but to accelerate this plan the governor is calling on local governments to contact the state. 

The top 20 of the states total 1,769 zip codes in the state have an infection rate of about 10%, the governor said.

The infection rate in the top 10 zip codes is about 15%. Those top 10 zip codes represents 2.9% of the state’s population and 25% of the cases.

Among those referenced by the governor explicitly:

  • Rockland County — 10,977 (30% positive)
  • Rockland County — 10,952 (25% positive)
  • Orange County — 10,950 (22% positive) 
  • Kings County — 11,219 (17% positive)
  • Kings County — 11,210 (11%positive)
  • Kings County — 11,204 (9% positive
  • Kings County — 11,230 (9% positive)
  • Queens County — 11,367 (6% positive)

Source: CNN


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