India’s soaring tally of coronavirus infections surpassed 6 million on Monday, reflecting an increase of 1 million cases in just two weeks.

Home to the world’s second-largest coronavirus outbreak, the country is on track to outpace the United States in October and claim the undesirable distinction of having the world’s highest count of coronavirus cases. The United States surpassed 7 million cases over the weekend and has been adding new infections at roughly half the rate of India.

India has reported more than 587,000 cases in the past week alone. Health Ministry officials said Monday that the total had increased by 82,000 in the past 24 hours‚ a shockingly high tally but still fewer than the record of nearly 98,000 cases that was set earlier this month. Overall, the number of cases being reported each day has declined since mid-September, which may not be a positive development considering that testing has also declined.

With roughly 95,500 reported fatalities, India has a notably lower death toll than Brazil and the United States, although experts caution that the number is almost certainly an undercount and may not reflect many deaths in rural areas. Many hospitals are struggling to get adequate supplies of oxygen as the number of people with severe symptoms surges, particularly in rural areas with a weak health-care infrastructure.

The Washington Post


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