Hawaiian Airlines on Friday became the second U.S. carrier to announce it will offer coronavirus testing to customers flying to Hawaii — a move that will allow travelers to avoid having to quarantine once they arrive.

Beginning in mid-October, Hawaiian Airlines customers can be tested at drive-through labs in Los Angeles and San Francisco through a partnership with Worksite Labs. The cost will be $90 for results within 36 hours or $150 for express day-of-travel results, the airline said. The tests are Droplet Digital PCR (polymerase chain reaction) shallow nasal swab tests, what the airline called the “gold standard” in coronavirus screening, and meet Hawaii state guidelines, airline officials added.

Friday’s announcement makes Hawaiian the second U.S. carrier to offer travelers preflight access to coronavirus tests. On Thursday, United Airlines announced that it would offer passengers flying between San Francisco and Hawaii the option, to avoid the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement by providing evidence of a negative test.

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