New York State added 834 positive Covid-19 cases, marking a 1.5% positivity rate, the governor said adding that Brooklyn, Orange County and Rockland county are heavy contributors to the rise.

“We’re also seeing in these numbers, significant actions in clusters. It’s basically Brooklyn, Orange, and Rockland that are increasing this number,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

Once the epicenter of the pandemic in the US, New York had boasted a test positivity rate — the percentage of tests being performed that come back positive for the virus — of less than 1% for more than a month.

State health officials are going to be reaching out in the specific areas and doing additional testing and compliance measures, the governor said.

“Brooklyn is a major contributor,” he added.

“We have specific zip codes in Brooklyn that we’re going to be looking at because its very targeted, and our health officials are going to be reaching out to those Brooklyn communities, Orange and Rockland today to do additional testing and compliance measures in those areas.”

“It is very targeted and very focused in those clusters,” he added.

Brooklyn is at 2.6%. Mid Hudson is at 3%

The southern tier “has a blip” tied to 3 clusters, a nursing home, a church gathering “that created issues” and a pub in separate counties, he said. 

Cuomo added that 11 more New Yorkers died from Covid-19, and that 543 are hospitalized.

The governor is also signing an executive order requiring the department of health to alert all travelers that the state will have a “mandatory quarantine” for all level 2, and level 3 countries. This is all but 31 countries on the globe, he added.

“We are going to increase our presence,” he said.

His move comes after, as he referenced, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ended enhanced screening at airports for some international travelers despite “alarming increases in countries around the world.”

He noted France, Spain and Israel by name. 

Source: CNN


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