As global deaths approach 1 million, new hot spots emerge


As the world moves toward another tragic threshold in the coronavirus pandemic — a reported death toll of one million people — the countries where fatalities are increasing fastest remain spread out across the globe, with new hot spots constantly emerging.

The number of lives reported lost to the virus each day around the world peaked in April and then fell, but began rising again in June.

The global seven-day average of reported deaths per day has exceeded 5,000 every day since July 17. As of Monday morning, the total global death toll stood at 997,300,according to a New York Times database.

Times data analysts favor seven-day averages over daily tallies, which can easily be skewed by irregularities, such as a health department releasing a big backlog of case or death reports at once.

Each day over the last week, India has tallied over 1,000 deaths, as the caseload in the country surpassed six million. India, the United StatesBrazil and Mexico account for more than half of the world’s total deaths from the virus, according to the Times database.

New hot spots are also emerging in smaller countries like Israel, which led the world in new cases per capita over the past week.

The pandemic continues to wreak havoc in South America, where countries including Argentina, Colombia and Peru are recording thousands of new cases daily along with some of the highest numbers of deaths per capita in the world.

With seasons changing, some countries that were hit hard by the virus are beginning to shed lockdown policies, raising fears of future surges. In Europe, second waves of infections have already hit BritainFrance and Spain.



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