Movie theaters, arcades and bowling alleys in Michigan will be allowed to reopen starting Oct. 9, according to a statement from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s office.

Whitmer signed executive orders today reopening some previously closed businesses, including performance venues, and requiring K-5 students to wear face coverings in classrooms, according to the statement.

The governor also signed an order increasing the limit of non-residential indoor and outdoor gatherings.

“Michigan took some of the most aggressive action against COVID-19 in the country, and as a result, the health of our families and our economy are faring better than our neighbors in other states. As a result, we are now able to reopen movie theaters and performance venues with strict safety measures in place. I know these business owners have made incredible sacrifices during this crisis to protect our families and frontline workers, and my administration will continue working to help them get back on their feet,” Whitmer said in the statement.

Source: CNN


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