Coronavirus cases continue to rise in parts of Europe, as governments grapple with how to prevent the virus’s spread without returning to aggressive lockdowns that helped several countries control outbreaks early in the pandemic.

In France, more than 1,000 people are currently in intensive care for the first time since June, according to the French health ministry. The country has recorded more than 13,000 daily cases several times in the past week. French officials are warning that if certain regions where cases are rising rapidly do not impose strict protocols now, they will have emergency restrictions forced upon them.

This week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new restrictions and warned that Britain is at a “perilous turning point” in containing the virus.

In Sweden, where officials opted against intensive lockdowns imposed elsewhere early in the pandemic, more than 530 cases were confirmed Thursday — the highest daily count since July, Reuters reported. The situation in Sweden is not yet dire, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven told reporters Thursday, but the increase in some areas is “worrying.”

“The caution that existed in the spring has more and more been replaced by hugs and parties, bus trips in rush-hour traffic and an everyday life that, for many, seems to return to normal,” he said. “What we do right now, we will be glad of later. What we do wrong now, we will suffer for later.”

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