The posting and removal of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on airborne transmission for coronavirus prompted a flurry of questions from Capitol Hill this week, with both sides of the aisle reaching out for answers on what happened.

And Democrats were not buying the CDC’s innocuous explanation of an unfortunate mistake. They argue it is just the latest example in a long pattern of confusing behavior where the CDC makes one decision and then days later backs off.

“The CDC just published scientifically valid information and then pulled it off their website, and this is very likely a scandal,” Sen. Brian Schatz, a Democrat from Hawaii, said Tuesday.“One way or another, we’re going to investigate it and find out,” Illinois Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, a Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, said.

The CDC guidance pertained to the way the novel coronavirus is spread. While it’s known that Covid-19 can spread through droplets among people standing less than six feet apart, research has continued to explore how the virus suspends in aerosolized particles in the air and transmits to people more than six feet away.

The CDC said the retraction of new guidance about airborne coronavirus transmission was the result of a confused staffer who hit “publish” without approval, according to the most detailed explanation yet of the agency’s website mishap.

Several other current and former federal health officials also told CNN the document was posted in error before it had gone through the full review process.

Read the full story: CNN


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