China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hit back after US President Donald Trump blamed the Asian country for the coronavirus crisis, and for unleashing a “plague” on the world, in his pre-recorded United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) address.

Wang Wenbin, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson — who did not refer to the US President Donald Trump by name — accused the “US leader” of “repeating baseless allegations against China, the US is trying to shift blame for its weak response.” 
“On January 23 when China closed the channels from Wuhan, there were only nine confirmed cases outside China and only one in the US. On January 31, the US suspended direct flights with China. On February 2, when US closed its borders to Chinese citizens, only about a dozen cases were reported.” 

Wang said the virus “is a common enemy to all. China has suffered from this epidemic and contributed to the global response,” adding that “lies cannot replace truth.” 

He said that China shared data about the virus at the “earliest time possible” and had also suffered because of the pandemic.

Source : CNN


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