A loved-up couple nicknamed the “Romeo and Juliet” of lockdown after they spotted one another from their balconies in Verona during Italy’s stringent lockdown say they are “absolutely getting married,” after months of talking to one another from their sixth- and seventh-floor apartments.

Michele D’Alpaos, 38, and Paola Agnelli, 40, told the Times of London that they first noticed each other in March as they ventured out onto their individual balconies to listen to the music that was played every evening at 6 p.m. — an event that boosted the nation’s spirits during a time of widespread fear and uncertainty.

After Britain, Italy has the second-highest death toll in Europe, with more than 35,000 lives lost to the virus.

Agnelli said their eyes met, and what followed was months of conversing outdoors and on the phone, culminating eventually in a highly anticipated meeting at a local park as restrictions across the country began easing in May. By July, they had met each other’s families, and now they are planning a wedding.

They have called their Shakespearean-style meeting “their destiny.”

“We are considering a ceremony on the large roof terrace of my building, which would make sense since we met on our balconies,” D’Alpaos said, although a date for the nuptials has not yet been set.

The couple, who are still living separately, say they call one another from their balconies to say good night.

The Washington Post


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