P.J. Crowley, a former assistant secretary of US state public affairs, said although the US has played a central role in the foundation of the United Nations, it remains to be seen whether the Trump admnistration’s disdain of it is a “temporary tangent” and will revert back to a more conventional foreign policy going forward.

“This is one of the primary differences between Democratic administrations that believe in multilaterism and Republican administrations that see multilaterism as a constraint,” Crowley told Al Jazeera from his home in Alexandria, Virginia.

“If we see a Biden administration, we are going to see a restoration of America’s traditional approach to the UN. But obviously the backdrop is significant contention in a relationship with Russia, and significant competition in a relationship with China.

So certainly in terms of a functioning Security Council – even if a Biden administration is more constructive in its approach – obviously these major power relations will play a significant role in how much the UN gets done going forward.”



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