If you could book a seat on a flight where you were guaranteed not to catch coronavirus, would you do it?

Alitalia is an airline betting that the answer to that question is “yes.”

The Italian national carrier has announced that it will trial flights between Rome and Milan where every single passenger has to confirm that they have tested negative for the virus. These flights are identified as “Covid-tested.”

There are two ways to do that: by getting tested within 72 hours of flying and bringing a negative certificate to the airport, or by getting a negative result of a rapid antigen test at the airport’s Covid testing facility. These flights will have a dedicated security line for extra safety.

And the test alone isn’t enough for a boarding pass: “Before boarding, a Ministry of Maritime, Air and Border Health (USMAF) doctor will check the validity of the certificate already held by passengers,” Alitalia explained in a statement.

Read more: CNN


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