North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on Tuesday announced that large outdoor venues will be allowed to open at 7% capacity starting October 2 if stable Covid-19 trends continue. 

“Because of our continued stability, we plan to take another step toward Phase 3 in the coming days if our progress holds,” Cooper said during a news briefing. 

The state defines large venues as those with the capacity of seating more than 10,000 people, according to a news release. Cooper said during the news briefing today’s announcement will allow these facilities to start putting safety measures in place. 

State and health officials will continue monitoring trends over the next week to decide if other restrictions can be eased. The current executive order that allowed North Carolina to move to a 2.5 reopening phase is set to expire on October 2nd. 

Cooper said the state has reported 195,549 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases to date, and at least 3,286 deaths. The state reported 1,168 new cases since yesterday, Cooper added. 

Source: CNN


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