The Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtěch has resigned, a spokeswoman for the ministry has confirmed.

“Minister Vojtěch resigned. He wants to create space for a new solution to the coronavirus epidemic,” Gabriela Štěpanyová told CNN by text. “He came to the ministry to push for systemic conceptual changes, but the coronavirus epidemic does not allow him to complete the task,” Štěpanyová added.

Coronavirus case numbers have risen starkly in the Czech Republic in recent weeks, to levels several times higher than during the Spring peak.

As a result of the increase, rules on the use of masks were tightened last week. Starting Friday, face coverings are mandatory for all students and staff everywhere in schools, with only the youngest children exempt from the rules. Previously, masks were compulsory in corridors and common areas, but not in classrooms.

Face masks are also mandatory in all indoor public spaces, such as on public transport and in shops.

Source: CNN


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