Labour is calling for guaranteed pay rises for care workers in England as the party prepares for what has been billed as a “virtual” party conference.

Its deputy leader Angela Rayner will say low pay in the industry is a “moral outrage” given the sacrifices of staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

Minimum pay rates of £9.30 an hour, and £10.75 in London, are needed to “pay the rent or put the food on the table”.

Ministers say 600,000 staff are gaining from a rise in the National Live Wage.

They are among those who will see their take home pay increase by £930 a year following April’s 6% rise in the National Living Wage from £8.21 to £8.72 an hour.

The government has set a target of increasing it to more than £10.50 by 2024, which would represent 65% of median UK earnings.

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