President Trump is speaking now, briefing reporters on the race to find a coronavirus vaccine.

The President said that once a vaccine has been approved, the US will be ready to begin distribution within one day.

“Distribution will begin within 24 hours after notice,” Trump said. “Massive amounts will be delivered through our great military.”

This is inline with the government’s vaccine plans released earlier this week: On Wednesday, the federal government released its distribution plans, which detailed how Operation Warp Speed aims to have Covid-19 vaccines moving to administration sites within 24 hours of an FDA license or emergency use authorization, an official said. And the aim is to make them free of charge.

“We will move that as fast as possible, within a day or so, to administration sites after we get the word from the FDA,” said Lt. Gen. Paul Ostrowski, the deputy chief of supply, production and distribution for the federal government’s Covid-19 vaccine effort, said during a briefing.

Source: CNN


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