Mumbai’s police department issued fresh orders today prohibiting movement of people across the city as Covid-19 continues to spread.  

“Mumbai city continues to be threatened with the spread of Covid-19. It is considered expedient to issue a prohibitory order restricting any presence or movement of one or more persons in public places or a gathering of any sort anywhere, including religious places,” the order issued by the city police read.

What the order does: The order prohibits any movement in containment zones – sections of the city which are considered hotspots – except for essential activities. For the rest of the city, certain exemptions to the latest order will be in place. A list issued by the state government gives exemption to certain operations, including government offices, service providers, banks, ports and essential service providers. 

The order will go into effect by midnight local time on Friday and will continue until the end of September. It will be applicable to the city of Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra state. 

Maharashtra has recorded more than 1.1 million cases, including 30,883 deaths since the start of the pandemic. 

Source: CNN


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