Pressed by voters on his resistance to mask-wearing, Trump pivoted to attacking Biden for considering promoting a national mask mandate and then not doing so.

“They never did it. … He didn’t do it; he never did it,” Trump said of Biden, who isn’t president, at an ABC News town hall Tuesday.

Trump then claimed “there are people that don’t think masks are good,” despite the widespread consensus among public health experts that wearing them dramatically reduces the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Asked by moderator George Stephanopoulos who exactly doesn’t think masks are good, Trump cited “waiters,” saying they touch their masks and touch the plates. “That can’t be good,” he said.

Trump refused for much of the pandemic to recommend that people wear masks, leaving it to states and localities to set those policies. He has worn a mask publicly only a few times and continues to hold large events where mask-wearing is not required.

The Washington Post


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